Success Automation and Habit Formation: 14 Keys to Putting Success on Autopilot

  1.  3"x5" Goal Cards
  • 5-15 cards is ideal
  • stated in the present, positive, emotional, and get you excited!
  • put on bedside table, review them upon waking and before going to sleep every day
  • example "I am excitedly driving my own BMW motorcycle"
  • example "I am happily living at my ideal body weight of 200 lbs"

2.  Glass of Water/BPA Free Water Bottle

  • put on bedside table to drink upon waking up every morning
  • we are the most dehydrated in the morning
  • headaches, afternoon crashes, fatigue, and food cravings come from dehydration

3.  MP3 Speaker in Shower

  • play either positive affirmations or music that uplifts you (youtube positive affirmations and download one or more that resonate with you)
  • here's a link to the one I bought on amazon:

4.  Turn cell phone on airplane mode before going to bed

  • eliminates the EMFs (electro magnetic frequencies) that are emitted from the phone that are known to cause numerous health consequences
  • reduces the likelihood of you using the phone before bed
  • gives you the opportunity to wind down and enjoy a more restful sleep

5.  Install F.lux on computer

  • free application for mac/pc
  • automatically changes the backlighting on the computer from blue to red/orange
  • blue light suppresses melatonin, the body's sleep hormone
  • go to Flux to download the app

6.  Audiobook/podcast in the car and around the house

  • read/watch/listen to something that challenges you for at least 30 minutes a day, if not 60 minutes - words of advice from Jim Rohn
  • the car is a great opportunity to use for your own personal development or education
  • put in a pair of headphones to get in your 30 minutes while doing household chores as well

7.  Symphonic/orchestra music in Left ear, audiobook/podcast in Right ear

  • to activate whole brain learning, it helps to listen to non lyrical classical music - mozart works great for me
  • to get even geekier, you can stimulate your right brain by putting the classical music in your left headphone, and stimulate your left brain by putting the audiobook in your right headphone

8.  IF app or set alarms of weekly/daily goals/intentions 3x per day

  • set vibrate only alarms (I use the most important goal from my 3x5 goal cards for this)
  • set the alarms to go off every day in the morning, mid day, and evening
  • life gets crazy - these reminders keep you on track when sh*t hits the fan

9.  Allocate in cash the cost of rent, groceries, eating out etc...

  • figure out how much you normally spend on essentials, and allocate that money in cash immediately after getting your paycheck
  • this way, you turn things like grocery shopping into a challenge - you figure out ways to save money and keep on track with your financial goals
  • this is also a great brain based therapy!

10.  Put a $100 bill in the back of your wallet

  • every time you look in your wallet, seeing a $100 bill helps your subconscious mind to think in an abundance, rather than scarcity mentality
  • use whatever amount you can, and feels slightly out of your comfort zone - $20 or $50 bill is fine, or even several $100 bills works

11.  Set up Daily Schedule for the next day the night before

  • gives subconscious mind time to process
  • decreases the decision making fatigue the next day and increases willpower
  • increases productivity and reduces idle time

12.  Get an accountability partner and have weekly calls

  • this has had an enormous effect on my self-trust, accountability, and productivity
  • make a set time each week devoted to the call and keep your word!
  • a basic outline looks like
    • Successes of the week
    • What I learned during the week
    • What 3-5 things I will accomplish this week
    • How did I do with the 3-5 things I said I would accomplish from last week
    • Congratulate if accomplished, and if not - discuss why not, what you plan to do differently etc.

13.  Positive stickie notes 

  • inundating the subconscious mind with positivity - over time, your personality will become more positive as a result
  • put them anywhere - in the car, on your desk, on the fridge, by your bed, in the bathroom etc.

14.  Write on your mirror something inspiring

  • use a dry erase marker
  • write an inspirational quote, or something positive about yourself and how you'd like to feel
  • so many times we look in the mirror and think negatively about ourselves - the writing on the mirror helps to shift our perspective and think better about ourselves and be able to accept and love ourselves

Here's a link to the recording of the tele-class :) enjoy!

Success Automation and Habit Formation Tele-Class