Cool Health Gear I Use: 15 Tools to Maximize Your Health

  1. Hedron or Q-Disc for Cell Phone

    • about the size of a quarter
    • stick it right on the back of your cell phone to greatly reduce the EMFs from the phone
    • bring the body into energetic alignment with the earth
    • Hedron
  2. Hedron Body Shield
    • about the size of a quarter
    • reduce the amount of geometric stress on the body (wifi, electronics, cell phone towers etc.)
    • keep in your pants or shirt pocket
    • Body Shield
  3. Premier Research Labs Shower Filter
    • Eliminate the chlorine and other harmful chemicals from your shower water
    • The skin is the body's largest organ and absorbs the toxins from shower water, shampoo, deodorant, lotions, creams etc...
    • Reduce the load on your liver from having to eliminate extra toxins
    • Shower Filter
  4. Earthing 1/2 Sheet
    • Reduce inflammation
    • Improve immune function
    • Increase antioxidants
    • Earthing Sheet
  5. Earthing Foot Pad or Desk Pad
    • Easy to use
    • Same benefits as the earthing sheet
    • Earthing Mat
  6. Greenwave EMF Filter
    • Reduce harmful effects of wifi and other electric pollution
    • Reduce ADD/ADHD symptoms from effects of wifi
    • Reduce unknown long term detrimental health effects from wifi
    • Greenwave Filter
  7. Red Light
    • Helps to bring you into a restful and deep sleep
    • Reduces blue light at night
    • Blue light suppresses melatonin and keeps you up at night
    • Red Light
  8. Tom's Deodorant 
    • Aluminum free
    • Aluminum is a toxin that passes through the skin into the bloodstream
    • Toms Deodorant
  9. Tom's Toothpaste
    • All natural toothpaste with no fluoride and less chemicals than many name brand toothpastes
    • Toms Toothpaste
  10. Air Purifier and or Plants
  11. Sleeping Mask
    • Sleeping in a complete dark room is ok too
    • The darker the room, the better
    • Dark room = deep, restful sleep
    • Sleep Mask
  12. Night light (red)
    • Great to put in the bathroom to use in the middle of the night
    • Gives you enough light to do your business without disrupting your sleep cycle
    • Red Night Light
  13. Sleep Induction Mat
    • Painful at first, but deeply relaxing
    • Uses acupressure/acupuncture meridian points to relax the entire body
    • Use before bed or during the day when you need stress relief
    • Sleep Induction Mat
  14. Zen Tech iPhone 6 Blue Light Blocker Screen Protector
    • Another tool to help mitigate blue light at night
    • Does not distort the color of the phone screen
    • Zen Tech
  15. HeartMath EmWave2 HRV Monitor
    • Helps to train the unconscious fight/flight response into a cohesive rest/digest (healing) response
    • EmWave 2

Here's a link to the recording of the teleclass!  Enjoy :) Cool Health Gear I Use: 15 Tools to Maximize Your Health