5 Keys to Sustainable Mental Energy


 1.  Add In Healthy Fats To Your Diet

ex. grass fed butter, grass fed ghee, avocados, guacamole, extra virgin olive oil, organic coconut oil, MCT oil, Brain Octane oil, avocado oil, raw almonds, raw cashews, raw walnuts, raw seeds, wild caught fish, pastured/organic duck or chicken eggs, omega 3 fatty acids, DHA

  • balance blood sugar
  • decrease fight/flight response
  • decrease oxidative stress
  • upregulate mitochondria
  • provide adequate building blocks for myelin/myelin sheath

2.  Avoid Gluten


ex. muffins, cereal, bread, pasta, bagels, flour, breaded meats, soy sauce, dressings etc.

  • increases inflammation
  • increases leaky gut -> increased likelihood of developing food allergies
  • increase ADD/ADHD symptomology
  • high risk of mold toxicity
  • high risk of genetic modification
  • antinutrients

3.  Reduce Sugar and Simple Carbohydrates


ex. high fructose fruits: watermellon, cantalope, dried fruits, grapes, oranges, nectarines etc., muffins, bread, pasta, fruit juices, gatorade, most yogurts, bagels, pastries, ice cream

  • extremely addicting -> stimulate the same opioid receptors as cocaine/heroin in the brain
  • spikes and crashes blood sugar
  • increases inflammation
  • increases LDL cholesterol (caused by inflammation)
  • feeds cancer
  • increases fat storage
  • increases oxidative stress

4.  Eliminate Dairy


ex.  pasteurized milk from grain-fed cows, pasteurized cheeses from grain-fed cows,  ice cream, yogurt

  • many people cross-react with gluten and dairy
  • most dairy products are produced from unhealthy and improperly fed animals
  • people from countries that consume the least amount of dairy and calcium consumption have the lowest rates of osteoporosis
  • about 75% of the population is unable to digest milk and other dairy products
  • can exacerbate IBS and allergies

5.  Take Frequent Breaks While Working

  • experiment with taking breaks every 20, 30, or 45 minutes.  Do something completely different for 5-10 minutes - listen to music, do a few yoga poses, stretch, walk etc.
  • the brain was not wired to sustain focus intensely for very long
  • set a timer to stay on track and also set one for your break time
  • if you have your cell phone close by, put it on airplane mode! It can wait
  • multitasking destroys your productivity - be 100% focused on your work, then be 100% focused on your break

Click the link below to listen to the recording of the teleclass!  Enjoy :)

5 Keys to Sustainable Mental Energy