5 Keys To A Healthy Sex Drive

Check out the recorded teleclass here: 5 Keys To A Healthy Sex Drive1.  Healthy Dietary Fats and Cholesterol 

  • high quality dietary cholesterol is not the enemy!
  • a large percentage of the brain is derived from cholesterol
  • testosterone is derived from cholesterol
  • testosterone drives motivation and sex drive
  • most heart problems/clogged arteries caused by excess sugar/inflammation
  • shop for local, high quality fats (ex. grass fed butter, pastured cage free chicken or duck eggs, high quality nitrate free bacon etc.)

2.  Limit Sugar


Too much sugar can lead to:

  • inflammation
  • raised triglycerides
  • low testosterone
  • low brain oxygen
  • increased cortisol (stress hormone)
  • all these lead to a lower sex drive

3.  Detox Your Home and Yourself

  • Look at ingredients in soaps, moisturizers, hair spray, cologne, perfume, deodorant, house cleaners etc.  The more chemicals in these products that are in the air we breathe and on our skin, the higher chemical load we put on our body.  This chemical load stresses our detox pathways (ex. liver) - which is not good for long term health or sex drive.
  • Try aluminum free deodorant:Toms Deodorant
  • Spray cologne/perfume on clothing, NOT directly on your skin
  • Turn wifi off at night or install Greenwave filters in your home =>  Greenwave Filter
  • Turn phone on airplane mode at night

4.  Masturbation and Ejaculation



  • orgasm = increase oxytocin, decrease cortisol (stress hormone)
  • generally speaking, the more orgasms the better


  • less ejaculation = increase testosterone
  • the magic formula = Your Age minus 7.  Take that number divided by 4.  This is the minimum number of days you should wait in between ejaculating for ideal testosterone and vitality.
  • example:  Age 27 - 7 = 20.  20/4 = 5.  There should be at least 5 days between ejaculating.
  • generally speaking, the less ejaculations the better


  • too much porn can lead to dopamine resistance
  • can contribute to lower levels of satisfaction in life
  • can cause a requirement of higher and higher amounts of overall stimulation in life to get the same amount of pleasure/satisfaction

5.  Consider Supplements


Cycle supplements.  Don't use these everyday for extended periods of time.