Energy - how to get better and more sustainable energy

Anemia - rooting out different types of anemia and resolving them. 

  • B12 and Iron are the most common types
    • measure bloodwork markers
        1. CBC
        2. Iron
        3. Ferritin
        4. others
  • Blood Sugar regulation
  1. eating balanced meals
  2. focusing on fats, proteins, and fibers (vegetable)
  3. limiting fruits and sugary foods
  4. limiting caffeine
  5. keeping cortisol in check
  6. breaking the vicious blood sugar yo-yoing cycle
  • Thyroid
    1. measuring markers beyond just TSH
      • T4, T3, Free T3, Free T4, TPO antibodies, Reverse T3 etc.
    2. conversion issues because of liver/gut problems
    3. lack of nutrients i.e. selenium, zinc, iron etc.
    4. brain related thyroid issue i.e. concussion
  • Sleep
  1. getting enough sleep (dependent on the individual)
  2. getting to bed early enough 10-11pm is usually ideal
  3. proper circadian rhythm 
  4. having a blacked out room
  5. blocking blue lights a few hours before bed time
  • Movement
  1. 1x/hour - get up from your desk and do some kind of movement
    • pushups
    • walk
    • air squats
    • deep breathing
    • anything works, just do something 
  2. better bloodflow/oxygenation and energy